The purpose of these case studies is to show examples of chair and table massage programs and events we have done in large, multinational companies and small to medium sized companies. These range from daily table/chair massage programs to monthly chair massage events to occasional wellness days. Mindwell manage programmes for corporations from 20 up 4,000 employees. Our service is backed by a strong management team with a solid business background that ensures scheduling and organising of events runs smoothly.

Mindwell have had the Massage Program contract with this company since 2008, we started with daily chair massages. Today we have seven table massage rooms and one chair massage room across 4 buildings,  going Monday-Friday from 8 am – 7:30 pm, with twenty four therapists and a client manager working onsite.

As the company has been in growth mode over the past number of years, we have grown with it.  For this client, we provide a client manager on-site daily, who is supported by two other managers. We have regular meetings with company managers to ensure the success of the program. We have had consistent utilization of the program for several years of over 95% and 98% satisfaction rate. 

We supply the company with massage chairs, plint roll, wipes, oil etc and originally the towel cleaning service.

Mindwell continuously keep up-to-date with all policy changes and implement them when they arise.

Treatment Rooms – One Table/Chair Massage Room

How often? Daily – Monday-Friday – 4 hours per day

How many therapists? Five Therapists – All members of IMTA – Irish Massage Therapist Association 

Booking Tool – Mindwell created customised online booking and payments 


  • Traditional Table Massage 25 mins / 55 mins
  • PreNatal Massage 55 mins
  • Chair Massage 15 mins / 25 mins
  • Reflexology 55 mins
  • Chair Yoga – occasionally 

We have provided this corporation with daily chair massages since 2012.  With a change in global company policy, Mindwell setup a treatment room onsite. We provided all the equipment and furnished the room to ensure a comfortable setting for table/chair massage.  We provide a weekly towel cleaning service to this client.

Initially the company provided an online booking tool and subsequently, Mindwell created a customised online booking and payment system for staff to book their massages.

Mindwell guarantee continuity of service, with no sick days so this client will always have a massage therapist on time every day.